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Setting up a GitHub repo, Secure Access on Mac

I installed GitHub by first upgrading my mac to Snow Leopard, then installing the free XCode tools for Snow Leopard the Snow Leopard upgrade was not necessary, but I wanted to upgrade anyway and the XCode tools were specific to the OS version.  After the XCode install, typed git in the terminal and I was in business.

Following up on the post before last, there’s nothing interesting at all in setting up security for amazon ec2 and GitHub, since we pointed to a specific key file when ssh’ing into Amazon.  Secure access to GitHub is very well documented. The MacOS makes dealing with pasphrases very easy.  Wow, I’m impressed and am certainly not going back to Windows.

I created a repo using the GitHub web pages for my account, which creates a page for the repo with full instructions on how to use it.  How convenient.